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Douse Point Range Rear, PE  Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.Privately owned, no access without permission.   

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Douse Point Range Rear Lighthouse

The Douse Point Range Lights were established on Douse Point in 1899 to lead vessels into Orwell Bay and up to the confluence of the Orwell and Vernon Rivers. The front range light, a square, pyramidal tower with a height of sixteen feet, was located at +46° 8’ 45”, -62° 52’ 55”. The rear range light stood twenty-two feet tall, was 436 yards along a bearing of 38° from the front range light, and was distinguished by a black band.

Douse Point Front Lighthouse in 1937
Photograph courtesy Canadian Coast Guard
The Brush Wharf Range Lights commenced operation at the same time as the Douse Point Range Lights. A tower that had formerly served as the Brush Wharf Lighthouse was relocated to serve as the Douse Point Rear Range Lighthouse, and two new towers were built to serve as the Brush Wharf Range. John McDonald started serving as keeper of the Brush Wharf Light on June 25, 1879 and was reassigned to the Douse Point Range Lights when they were established. Keeper McDonald served for over three decades, earning $70 annually. Hector A. McDonald was the next keeper of the lights and was receiving a salary of $120 in 1924.

After Hector McDonald resigned in 1937, John McLeod was appointed keeper of the light. He served in this capacity until his death in 1947, whereupon Belle MacLeod, his wife, took became keeper of the lights. According to her service record, Belle MacLeod had three dependent children in 1947, even though she was fifty-six at the time, and she was listed as the keeper until 1962 when the lights were electrified.

David Hunter grew up spending his summers in Orwell Cove and remembers walking down to the towers to light the lamps with Keeper MacLeod. Hunter recalled that an earlier keeper would come down to the range lights with a cart pulled by an old horse wearing a straw hat with two holes cut in the brim for its ears.

The Douse Point Range Lights were converted to battery power in May, 1962, and a few years later power lines were extended to the point. The lights were decommissioned on March 9, 1984. David Hunter's father attempted to purchase the lights and move them to his property, but regulations wouldn't allow it as the two towers would be too close to their original position and might confuse mariners.

The lights were eventually purchased by the Boul family in the 1980s and relocated to Murray River, where they have gradually fallen into a state of disrepair.

Keepers: John McDonald (1899 – 1913), Hector A. McDonald (1913 – 1924), John Hiram MacDonald (1924 – 1937), John A. MacLeod (1937 – 1947), Belle MacLeod (1947 – 1962).


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