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Haszard Point Range Front, PE  Privately owned, no access without permission.   

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Haszard Point Range Front Lighthouse

Two pairs of range lights were established in 1889 to guide vessels into Charlottetown Harbour along a channel clear of all obstructions. The outer set of range lights, known as the Haszard Range Lights, was established southeast of the entrance to the harbour on a farm owned by the Honorable Francis L. Haszard (1849-1938), who would serve as Premier of Prince Edward Island from 1908 to 1911 and Judge of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island from 1911 to 1930. The inner set of range lights was placed in the harbour at Brighton Beach.

Haszard Front Range with diamond daymark
Photograph courtesy Canadian Coast Guard
The Haszard Point Range Lights are located in Kinlock, just east of Charlottetown, where they overlook Hillsborough Bay on the south shore of Prince Edward Island.

The front lighthouse is a tapered, wooden tower, 17.3 metres (56.8 feet) in height from base to vane and square in design. Around 1948, the height of the tower was increased by 2.4 metres (7.9 feet), which resulted in the lighthouse having a somewhat awkward appearance, as the slopes of the upper and lower portion are different.

The rear lighthouse is a tapered, wooden tower, 14 metres (45.9 feet) in height from base to vane and square in design, but due to the hill on which the tower is situated, the light has a focal plane of 46.3 metres (151.9 feet). The rear tower is situated 650 metres (2,133 feet) north of the front range light

The front lighthouse was moved back from the nearby bank in 1902 and again in 1936. In 1934, the front range tower had a red diamond on its otherwise white seaward face, but today both towers have a red seaward face with a black vertical stripe.

The range lights originally displayed fixed red lights until 1902, when they were changed to fixed-white lights. The Haszard Point Range Lights currently show a fixed-yellow light.

Edwin Stewart was appointed keeper of the range lights in 1910 at an annual salary of $320. Prior to this time, a separate keeper was assigned to each of the range lights. Keeper Stewart retired in 1958, at which time he was making $1,020 a year, and subsequently served as caretaker of the automated lights for just $75 a year.


  • Front (Outer): J.P. Wood (1890 1893 ), George Wood (1893 1899), Daniel McRae (1900 1910).
  • Rear (Inner): Alexander Kennedy (1890 1902), Angus Beaton (1902 1910).
  • Both: Edwin Stewart (1910 1958).


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