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Howards Cove, PE  Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.Active Fresnel Lens   

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Howards Cove Lighthouse

Howards Cove Lighthouse is located on a cliff above the harbour in Howard's Cove on the western shore of Prince Edward Island. Coast Guard reports refer to the location as Seal Point, but neither maps nor locals refer to it by that name. The light was established in 1960, and the current tower, which stands 5.8 metres (19 feet) tall from base to vane, was built in 1976. The square white tower with a red lantern has a focal plane of 14.2 metres (46.6 feet) and displays a white light with the following characteristic: two-second flash followed by four-second eclipse.

In April of 2011, Robert Henderson, Member of the Legislative Assembly for O’Leary-Inverness, chose Howard’s Cove Lighthouse as the location to present Carol Livingstone, president of the P.E.I. Lighthouse Society, with a $4,000 P.E.I. Department of Tourism grant. The society will use the grant to promote island lighthouses and to educate community organizations about the Coast Guard’s lighthouse divestiture program.

Howards Cove Port Authority hopes to take ownership of Howards Cove Lighthouse under the divestiture program, though they have no real plans for the structure other than to preserve it as a symbol of the port. “It’s just kind of a harbour feature we’d like to keep,” Port Authority chair Shawn Cooke said, “rather than see someone come in and haul it away.”

Howard's Cove Harbour Authority petitioned for ownership of the tower under the Parks Canada Heritage Lighthouse Program.


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