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Minor light of Hawai'i - Kailua, HI  A hike of some distance required.   

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Minor light of Hawai'i - Kailua Lighthouse

The present Kailua Light, a pyramidal concrete tower, was built under the Bureau of Lighthouses in 1915 and replaced a fixed lens-lantern light that was established in 1909.
Aerial view of Kailua Point Lighthouse
Photograph courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
The light sits on Kuka'ilimoku Point and marks the northwestern side of Kailua Bay, which is home to a sport fishing fleet. Kailua Lighthouse was converted to acetylene and made non-attended in June 1922.

Head Keepers: Daniel P. Haleamau (1909 1913), James K. Haleamau (1913 1922).


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