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Minor light of Kaua'i - Makahu'ena Point, HI  A hike of some distance required.   

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Minor light of Kaua'i - Makahu'ena Point Lighthouse

The Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company maintained a red light at Koloa Point, the southernmost point on Kaua'i, around the turn of the nineteenth century, but the aid was only displayed when one of the company's vessels was expected. In 1905, the Lighthouse Board requested funds for purchasing this beacon, along with several other lights maintained by the same company, reasoning, "These lights are necessary for the safe navigation of all vessels in their respective vicinities. There are many vessels using these lights, but being private they are only shown when their own vessels are expected."

The Lighthouse Board established an official navigational aid at Koloa Point in 1908, but this was replaced in 1922 by the Makahu'ena Light, which was built about fifteen feet north-northeast of the Koloa Light. The first Makahu'ena Light was a concrete tower with a focal plane of sixty feet. This beacon served until 1983, when it was replaced by a light atop a metal pole. The lens and lantern from the old Makahu'ena Light were on display at the now-defunct Hawai'I Maritime Center in Honolulu.

The foundation pier of what was likely a former tower is still present on the site and is marked USLHS.

Head Keepers: Ernest Reyher (1908 1909), John Kahaule (1909 1913), David K. Pele (1914 1919), Peter Kamano (1919 1921).


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