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Winsor Point (Tikkerasuk Island), NF  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Winsor Point (Tikkerasuk Island) Lighthouse

An 1887 edition of The Newfoundland and Labrador Pilot provides the following information on Tikkerasuk Island, which is located thirty-two kilometres southeast of Hopedale, Labrador:
Tikkerasuk (Tickle Arichat of the fishermen) is an island 91 feet high, off a promontory on the mainland , 3 ˝ miles from Ukalluktok. There is only a shallow channel between the island and the main, but it forms an excellent anchorage for fishing vessels; off the south side are some low islets, within which anchorage for a night may be had; the east point is steep-to, and off the north side of the passage are some islets that shelter the anchorage.
In 1913, work began on a lighthouse at Winsor Harbour Point, the northeastern tip of Tikkerasuk Island, and the next year, the following Notice to Mariners advertised the establishment of the new light:
Position – On the north-eastern point of Tikkerasuk Island, known as Winsor’s Harbour Point.

Character – An occulting white light every ten seconds thus: light 5 seconds, eclipse 5 seconds.

Structure – White octagonal wooden tower with black band.

Period of exhibition – Annually, during period of open navigation.

Remarks – The lightstation is equipped with International Code signals.

That same year, lights were also established in Labrador at Domino Point, Manuel Island, and Ford Harbour.

The light on Tikkerasuk Island was first listed as unwatched in the annual List of Lights in 1933. At this time, the light’s characteristic was changed from its original one to a white flash every two seconds. The octagonal wooden tower remained on the island through at least 1965.

In the 1960s, government documents began to refer to Tikkerasuk Island as Winsor Harbour Island.

By 1988, a circular tower with red and white horizontal stripes was displaying a white flash every three seconds. In 2021, the Canadian Coast Guard noted that a cylindrical tower with a red-and-white rectangular daymark, was displaying a white flash every three seconds on Winsor Harbour Island.

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