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Long Harbour Point, NF  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Long Harbour Point Lighthouse

Long Harbour, as its names implies, is a lengthy harbour located on the northern shore of Fortune Bay. The harbour extends to the northeast from Fortune Bay for nearly thirty kilometres and has an average width of about a kilometre. The entrance to Long Harbour is bounded by Long Harbour Point on the west, and it was here that work on a lighthouse was carried out in 1912.

A Notice to Mariners published in March 1913 stated that the new lighthouse on Long Harbour Point would commence operation the following month and would display an occulting white light of the sixth order that would show light for two-and-half seconds and then be off for two-and-a-half seconds. The lighthouse was a cylindrical iron tower that stood eighteen feet tall and had a keeper’s dwelling adjacent to it. The tower was painted in red and white vertical stripes, while the lantern and gallery, along with the dwelling, were white.

The census for 1921 and 1935 shows a John Riggs as a lighthouse keeper living in Stones Cove, a settlement near Long Harbor Point, so he must have served as the keeper of the lighthouse. The iron tower, with its distinctive stripes, remained standing on Long Harbour Point through at least 1960. At some point, a skeletal tower that displayed a white flash every six seconds replaced the cylindrical iron tower. The light on Long Harbour Point was discontinued in 2015.

Keepers: John Riggs (at least 1921 – at least 1935).

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