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Iron Island, NF  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Iron Island Lighthouse

Iron Island lies just east of the town of Burin and just north of Burin Island. In 1858, Dodding Head Lighthouse was established on Burin Island, but it was not until 1905, that a navigational aid was established on Iron Island. Initially, a fog bell was placed on Iron Island, as indicated by this Notice to Mariners:
A square pyramidal wooden tower with flat roofed keeper’s dwelling attached to northern side, all painted white, has been erected on Iron Island, from which, on and after May 22, 1905, a bell, struck by machinery, will be sounded during thick or foggy weather, giving 1 stroke every 10 seconds.
A separate Notice to Mariners issued later in 1905 added that the fog bell on Iron Island would not operate between January 1 and April 1 of each year.

The fog bell was permanently discontinued in 1907, but a light was established in its place, as noted by this Notice to Mariners:

The Government of Newfoundland has given notice that on September 15, 1907, a dioptric fixed red light of the 6th order will be exhibited, at a height of 118 feet above sea level, from a square, pyramidal, wooden tower 18 feet high, painted white, with a flat-roofed keeper’s dwelling, also painted white, attached to the northern side, on Iron Island, Placentia Bay, south coast of Newfoundland. The light will be visible 8 miles in all directions seaward.
In 1918, an acetylene light that flashed red every three seconds replaced the fixed red light on Iron Island. It seems like the light could have been automated through the installation of the acetylene light, but Iron Island Light was not listed as unwatched until a List of Lights published in 1938.

The wooden tower remained on Iron Island through at least 1960. In 2021, a skeletal tower with a red-and-white square daymark was displaying a flashing red light on Iron Island with a period of four seconds.

Keepers: J. Bennett (1905 – 1906), Edward Francis (1907 – 1911), J. Riggs (1912 – ).

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