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White Point (Indian Tickle), NF  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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White Point (Indian Tickle) Lighthouse

Indian Island is a member of a group of islands located just off the Labrador coast east of Cartwright. Indian Tickle, a narrow passage, runs between Indian Island and the Labrador mainland, and in 1905, a lighthouse was built on the mainland at White Point to mark the northwest entrance to Indian Tickle. In September 1905, the following Notice to Mariners advertised the establishment of White Point Lighthouse:
Notice is hereby given that on and after October 1st, proximo, a 4th order Dioptric occulting white light, with alternate periods of 7 seconds light and 3 seconds dark, will be exhibited from a square wooden tower, with sloping sides, erected on White Point.

The light is 72 feet above sea level, and should be seen in all directions seaward at a distance of 12 miles in clear weather.

Height from high water to base of tower 48 feet and from base of tower to vane 29 feet.

A flat roofed one story dwelling and a store house are erected on the northern side of tower.

Tower, dwelling and store, painted white.

This light will be in operation as soon as possible after the opening of navigation and continued until the close in each year.

According to the annual List of Lights, the characteristic of Indian Tickle Light was changed to a flashing white light with a period of two seconds in 1933, and the following year, the light was listed as unwatched.

In 2021, a square, skeletal tower, with a red-and-white rectangular daymark was displaying a flashing white light with a period of six seconds on White Point.

Keepers: William Bradbury (1905 1908), Samuel Norman (1909 at least 1912).

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