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Seal Cove, NF  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Seal Cove Lighthouse

White Bay is located between the Baie Verte Peninsula and the eastern shore of the Great Northern Peninsula. Along White Bay’s shore on the Baie Verte Peninsula are three inlets known as Western Arm, Middle Arm, and Southern Arm. The northernmost of the three is actually Southern Arm, and in the northern portion of Southern Arm is a small bight known as Seal Cove.

In 1906, three fixed white lights were established on White Bay at Jackson’s Arm, Seal Cove, and Western Cove. Each of these lights consisted of a lens lantern that was hoisted on an open frame work that was painted white. The lights were kept in operation during open navigation, or from June to January. The light at Seal Cove was situated on the northern extremity of Southern Arm Head, about 700 metres west of the church spire at Seal Cove.

In 1909, a square, wooden, enclosed tower with a height of about fifteen feet replaced the open framework used to display the light at Seal Cove, and at this time, the characteristic of the light was changed from fixed white to fixed red.

Around 1959, the wooden lighthouse was discontinued, and a red skeletal tower topped by a red lantern was mounted on the wharf at Seal Cove to serve mariners. This structure produced a red flash of light every four seconds. In 2021, a mast on the wharf at Seal Cove flashed red every three seconds.

Keepers: H.T. Robinson (1906 - 1912), Joshua Robinson (at least 1921).

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