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Stonehaven, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Stonehaven Lighthouse

In 1878, the breakwater at Clifton was extended to form an artificial harbour to shelter fishing craft and schooners engaged in exporting grindstones. Richard Peters built a lighthouse at the shore end of the breakwater in 1885 under a contract for $620. This square, wooden tower stood 11.3 metres tall, was surmounted by an iron lantern, and displayed a fixed red light. Besides marking the harbour, the lighthouse also served as a general coast light.

In 1894, the name of the lighthouse was officially changed from Clifton to Stonehaven, as the Clifton post office was some distance from the tower and a new post office called Stonehaven had been established closer to the lighthouse.

A fourth-order lens was mounted in the tower in 1916, and in 1923 a mast light was erected at the end of the wharf. The main light seems to be discontinued when the mast light on the wharf was established, and the cast-iron lantern was removed from Stonehaven Lighthouse in 1929. A modern skeletal tower, located on the hill overlooking the wharf, was serving the harbour in 2020.

Keepers: Charles F. Scott (1885 1904), Mrs. Elizabeth Scott (1904 1913), W. Daley (1913 1921), C. Daley (1921), E.G. Scott (1922 1923).


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