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Shediac Wharf, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Shediac Wharf Lighthouse

In 1914, range lights were established on the government wharf at Shediac. The front light was just a pole light, but the rear light was exhibited from a square, pyramidal tower with a height of ten metres. John L. Gallant was hired as the first keeper of these range lights. The range lights last appeared on the List of Lights in 1952.

The town of Shediac believes a wooden tower located on private property outside the town was the rear range tower used on their wharf, but this is not certain.

Shediac Wharf should not be confused with Pointe du Chêne Wharf. Shediac Wharf was located near where the Shediac Bay Yacht Club is today, while Pointe du Chêne Wharf is located nearly two kilometres to the northeast in Pointe du Chêne. A large, square, two-story modern lighthouse, topped by an octagonal lantern room and gallery, was built on Pointe du Chêne Wharf. This structure held a rear range light for a few years, but it was discontinued in 2017.

Keepers: John L. Gallant (1917 – at least 1923).


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