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Shediac Island, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Shediac Island Lighthouse

On July 1, 1869, Henry Hendrickson first lit two minor lights on Shediac Island to mark the channel into Shediac’s outer bay. Meier Robinson took charge of the lights in 1874 and served for nearly fifty years. An article in The Daily Telegraph noted that Keeper Robinson’s twelve-year-old daughter drowned in 1885 while skating across the bay to school at Pointe-du-Chêne. She made a wrong turn and fell threw a patch of thin ice. According to the account, “A little basket and the child's mitts were found in the hole [and] were the only evidence of the sad fate of little Annie Robinson.”

Lightning destroyed one of the two mast lights on Shediac Island in 1892, forcing a temporary structure to be used until enclosed towers were built in 1895. The front tower measured 11.3 metres from base to vane, while the rear tower was 4.9 metres taller.

By 1954, the rear tower had been replaced by a skeletal tower. The range lights were discontinued in 1964.

Keepers: Henry Hendrickson (1869 – 1873), Meier (Robertson) Robinson (1874 – 1921), J. Petipas (1921 – at least 1937).


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