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Neguac Gully, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Neguac Gully Lighthouse

A string of barrier islands runs along the entrance to Inner Miramichi Bay, separated by a few narrow channels or gullies through which vessels may pass. In 1873, Neguac Gully Lighthouse was established on the southern end of the northernmost of these sandy islets to guide vessels through Neguac Gully.

The square, wooden tower commenced operation on August 20, 1873, with Farnham Letson as its keeper. Four flat-wick lamps set in fifteen-inch reflectors were employed in the lantern room to produce a fixed white light. In 1875, a pole light was established seaward of the lighthouse so mariners could align the two lights to safely enter the gully. According to an 1875 report on the station, fishermen spoke highly of the lights as they could now enter the passage at any time. Keeper Letson died in 1875, and William Morrison was hired as keeper of the lights at an annual salary of $150.

A storm in November 1875 carried away the pole light, but a new one was soon put in place. The replacement mast and shed used for the front light were lost to a storm in October 1879, but a new light was once again erected. In 1885, the front light was discontinued as the channel had filled up to the point that making the entrance was unsafe, but the original light remained in use as a coast light. On October 28, 1896, the front light was relighted as the channel had improved.

A dwelling house was added to the station in 1884. In 1929, an unwatched acetylene light exhibited from a red lantern atop a pole replaced the wooden tower.

Keepers: W. Farnham Letson (1872 1875), William Morrison (1875 1883), William Drummond (1883 1894), James Ashford (1894 1896), John (Robertson) Robinson (1896 1923), N.E. Breau (1927 1929).


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