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Outhouse Point, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Outhouse Point Lighthouse

The Petitcodiac River derives its name from a Mi’kmaq word that means “the river that bends like a bow,” and in 1909 a lighthouse was built on Outhouse Point, around which the river makes its most abrupt turn. Situated across the river from Moncton, Outhouse Point was named after one of the original settlers in the area.

Outhouse Point Lighthouse was a twin to McFarlane Point Lighthouse. The only major differences in the square, pyramidal towers were that Outhouse Point Lighthouse originally had a sixth-order lens, instead of a seventh-order lens, and it cost $738.90 – $22.66 less than McFarlane Point Lighthouse.

Everett Taylor was responsible for the lighthouse during World War II. His two boys, Vaughn and Clarence, would often run the mile out to the lighthouse after school, add a pint of kerosene to the lamp, light it, check for a clear light, and run back home. Keeper Taylor also served as an air raid warden, and when there was a perceived threat, the boys could skip their daily trek to the lighthouse.

Deemed excess to the needs of the Canadian Coast Guard, Outhouse Point Lighthouse was toppled and set afire in 1957.

Keepers: Samuel R. (Edgett) Eagett (1910 – 1916), Warren Steeves (1917), A.T. Steeves (1917), Miss Hattie L. Steeves (1917 – at least 1923), Everett Taylor (1940s).


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