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Chance Harbour, NB  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Chance Harbour Lighthouse

In 1915, day labourers, working under D.H. Mawhinney, completed a square, wooden tower on Reef Point to mark the western side of the entrance to Chance Harbour. A cylindrical tower, with red and white horizontal bands and an exposed light, replaced the original lighthouse around 1969 and was still active in 2020.

Wallace Belding reportedly helped build the lighthouse, and Nathan C. Belding served as the first keeper of the light from 1916 to 1950.

The Belding name is still connected to the area as the lighthouse is located in Belding’s Reef Nature Preserve, and the cove just north of the lighthouse is Beldings Cove.

Ronald Thompson served as keeper of the lighthouse after returning from service in the second world war. His service tragically ended when he drowned at the wharf in Chance Harbour on December 15, 1952. His wife Frances took over responsibility for the light and served until it was automated. The poem, The Lady of the Light, which talks about a widow with four children keeping a lighthouse, was written in honour of Frances Thompson.

Keepers: Nathan C. Belding (1916 – 1950), Ronald Thompson ( – 1952), Frances Thompson (1952 – ).


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