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Portapique, NS  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Portapique Lighthouse

The rural community of Portapique is located near the mouth of Portapique River, which flows into Minas Basin. When the Acadians lived there, the village was known as Porc-épic, French for porcupine, but the name has been corrupted over the years.

In 1882, a light was established on the western head at the entrance to Portapique River in the form of a lantern on a mast. This fixed red light had an elevation of thirty feet above the high-water mark and was kept lit during the fishing season. In 1913, W.A. Lambard and A. Sharitt of Montros were awarded a $925 contract to build a square, wooden lighthouse at the mouth of Portapique River to replace the mast light. This enclosed structure was placed on the eastern side of the river entrance and displayed a fixed white light at a height of twenty-eight feet above high water.

The wooden lighthouse remained in operation until Portapique Light was discontinued in 1965.

Keepers: E. Carr (1912 – 1914), W. Chisholm (1914 – at least 1923).


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