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Beaver Harbour, NS  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Beaver Harbour Lighthouse

Beaver Harbour is located on the southeast coast of Nova Scotia. A lighthouse was established on Beaver Island, located offshore from Beaver Harbour, in 1846. Notwithstanding the numerous dangerous that fringe the coast near Beaver Harbour, the Nova Scotia Pilot informed mariners that the harbour was easy to access once Beaver Island Lighthouse was found. After passing just east of Beaver Island, the entrance channel to Beaver Harbour is straight and deep.

Still, additional aids were added over the years to help mariners find Beaver Harbour. In 1887, Patrick Fahey erected a pole light, with a shelter shed for the keeper at its base, for $425. This light stood on Beaver Point, the point of land on the western side of the entrance to Beaver Harbour. A fixed red light was exhibited from a lantern that was hoisted to a height of twenty-five feet on the pole. Henry Hawblot was hired as the light’s first keeper, and he placed the light in operation on October 15, 1887.

In 1888, a copper lantern, fitted with a large flat-wick burner, replaced the Mississippi lantern that was original used.

The pole light served until 1914, when O.J. O’Brien of Noel, Nova Scotia built a formal lighthouse on Beaver Point under contract for $4,340. This lighthouse was typical of many built in Nova Scotia during this era: a square, two-storey dwelling, painted white, with a red lantern room perched atop the structure’s pyramidal roof. A fifth-order lens was installed in the lantern room to produce a fixed white light.

This lighthouse stood on Beaver Point, marking the entrance to Beaver Harbour until at least 1959. Today, there is not light on Beaver Point.

Keepers: Henry Hawbolt (1887 – 1896), John Cameron (1896 – 1901) L.G. Cameron (1902 – 1914), William Currie (1914 – 1922), R.L. Jewers (1922 – at least 1937).


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