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Taylorsport, IL  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Taylorsport Lighthouse

1855 Contracts have been entered into for the construction of light-houses at Port Clinton, and Taylorsport, Illinois, and at Beaver Island harbor, Michigan.

1856 In the eleventh light-house district, embracing the lakes and west of lake Erie, in addition to the ordinary routine duties of the service, the light-houses authorized at Round Island, Point Iroquois, Grand island, mouth of Portage river, Rock Harbor, Isle Royal, Menasha, Port Clinton, and Taylorsport, have been completed.

1859 The third section of the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1859, making appropriations " for lighthouses, light-boats, buoys, &c," authorized the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, on the recommendation of the Lighthouse Board, to discontinue, from time to time, such lights as may become useless by reason of mutations of commerce, and changes of channels, of harbors, and other causes. The Lighthouse Board, at a meeting held on the 6th instant, recommended that the following named lights be discontinued, viz : Taylors Port Lighthouse, Port Clinton Lighthouse, Illinois.
It is therefore ordered and directed that all the aforesaid lights, with the exception of the light at Shoalwater Bay, be discontinued on and after the first day of August next, and that the last mentioned light be discontinued on and after the first day of September next. By order of the Secretary of the Treasury.

1873 Lighthouse was sold at auction in August to Augustin D. Taylor for $1,700.

1900 Lighthouse was destroyed sometime not long after 1900.

Keepers: Thomas McMahon (1856 1859).

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