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Maumee Middle Range, OH  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Maumee Middle Range Lighthouse

1863 – Congress, at its last session, having made an appropriation for range lights for Maumee bay, Ohio, the necessary steps for prosecuting the work have been taken.

1865 – The erection of the range-lights authorized by act of Congress for Maumee bay has not advanced during the year to the extent hoped for by the board. The delay has been occasioned partly by the difficult and complicated questions involved, but mainly on account of the impossibility of procuring the necessary land at private sale at prices warranted by the circumstances of the case. Resort was necessarily had to a tedious suit at law, which has just resulted in securing the requisite land to the government at reasonable rates. The work will be pressed forward to completion.

1866 – After completing the abstracts of title for the lands required for the Maumee Ranges, it was found that further legal proceedings were required to remedy some of the defects in the title. By an order of the board in September last, the whole matter was placed in the hands of Messrs. Bissel, Gleason & Co. An additional appropriation of five thousand dollars will be needed to cover deficiencies arising from the increased cost of the lands, and the rise in the price of labor and materials since the original estimates were prepared.

1867 – Maumee bay, Ohio.—The titles to the several tracts of land as sites for range-lights, at this place, having, after much difficulty and unavoidable delay, been finally perfected, the work of constructing these lights will be commenced as soon as practicable

1868 – New Maumee ranges.—Three sets of ranges for the navigation of Maumee bay and river have been erected, and will be lighted before the close of the season.

1869 – Maumee Middle range.—A partition has been built in the dwelling. It is proposed to fence in the site. Premises in good condition.

1880 – Maumee Middle Range-beacons, Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.—Black stripes were painted on the rear beacon as a day-mark. The dwelling and tower were repaired.

1882 – Maumee Middle Range, west shore of Maumee Bay, Ohio.—The plank walk, 1,250 feet long, connecting the dwelling with the towers, was rebuilt. The barn was rebuilt, and the necessary and minor repairs were made.

1887 – Maumee middle range beacon (rear), west shore of Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.—The board fence inclosing the reservation on three sides was rebuilt with new material, and the foundation timbers and the floor of the porch to the dwelling were renewed.

1892 – Maumee Bay Ranges, Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.—The practical completion of the new Straight Channel makes changes in these ranges necessary. The Board thinks that range lights should be established at or near Grassy Point, and that the east beacon should be built farther to the eastward to make this new Straight Channel useable at night. When this is done the Outer and Middle Maumee Range lights can be discontinued. It is estimated that the proposed lights can be established for not exceeding $4,100, and it is recommended that an appropriation of this amount be made therefor.

1895 — Maumee Middle range, Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.—The lights of this range were discontinued on the establishment of the Manhattan range lights, and the illuminating apparatus was sent to the Buffalo light-house depot for storage.

1897 – Maumee Middle, Maumee Bay, Lake Erie, Ohio.—The premises are looked after by the custodian of the Maumee Outer Range.

1898 — Maumee Outer, Maumee Middle and Maumee Inner Ranges, Ohio (discontinued).—The fronts of the beacons of these ranges were painted to preserve and make more distinct their characteristics, for use as day marks by vessels wishing to use the old channels marked by these ranges, especially those vessels having rafts of logs in tow, thus relieving the straight channel to some extent of that class of traffic.

Keepers: George W. Stoddard (1873 – 1881), Calvin Herrick (1881), George Bodenmiller (1881 – 1895).

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