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Cunningham Creek, OH  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Cunningham Creek Lighthouse

1834 For a beacon light on the pier at Cunningham harbor, two thousand dollars.

1836 For finishing and securing the foundation of the beacon light at Cunningham creek, Ohio, two hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty Cents.

1837 Madison dock, or Cunningham creek.I have not landed at this place, but, from what I saw of it in passing by, and from all I could learn from the navigators of the lake, I do not hesitate to say that a light is entirely useless, and ought to be discontinued. There is at this place nothing but a simple pier running out into the lake, without the semblance of a harbor, or anything else, to make it necessary to support a light.

1838 Cunningham Creek beacon is situated on the outer end of a single pier, extending about four hundred and fifty feet into the lake. It is lighted with three lamps, and is built on a new plan, having no stairs. The lamps are raised and lowered by pullies. It is kept in excellent order, and the plan is a commendable one for temporary purposes. The public works are fast progressing, and the time is not far distant when a partial protection will be afforded to commerce at this point.
The dwelling is in a state of dilapidation, but an appropriation of three hundred and fifty dollars will be requisite to render it comfortable.

1847 I have now gone through, in detail, the numerous appropriations made, on the 3d of March last, for light-house purposes, and the action which has been had upon them, so far as they have come under my supervision. It is proper to observe, however, that of the light-houses directed by that law to be discontinued, in certain contingencies, the two at the west end of St. George's island and the entrance of St. Joseph's bay, in Florida, are to be merged in new buildings at Cape St. George and Cape St. Bias ; and the one at Cunningham creek, in Ohio, has been discontinued, the materials ordered to be sold and removed. The superintendent was directed, in relation to this last, to have the lamps, reflectors, &c., conveyed to Cleveland, and there to be taken care of. Those at Otter creek and Sandy point will be discontinued agreeably to the terms of the law, when the one at Monroe and that at Execution rocks shall be completed.

1850 - I hereby state that at the sale of the light-house, &c., at the port of Cunningham creek, Ohio, by order of government, I bid off said lighthouse for the sum of six dollars and twenty-five cents; and in case the light at said port is reinstated, I will transfer to government my title to the same for the amount for which I bid it off, and interest.
Madison, Ohio, January 28, 1850.

Keepers: Ephraim Shaler (1835 at least 1839), Anson Hotchkiss (at least 1841 1843), J.R. Cunningham (1843 1846), Henry Richardson (1846 1847).
Madison, Ohio, January 28, 1850.

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