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Sassafras Point, RI  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Sassafras Point Lighthouse

1870 – Appropriated by act of Congress, for three permanent lights in Providence River, Rhode Island, above Sabine Point: Pumham Rock, Fuller Rock, and Sassafras Point, July 15, 1870, $20,000.

1870 – Sassafras Point, Rhode Island, Providence River.—An appropriation was made July 15, 1870, for a beacon-light at this place, which it is expected may be commenced at an early day.

1871 – Pumham Rock, Fuller's Rock. Sassafras Point. The construction of these three permanent Lights in Providence River, above Sabine's Point, Rhode Island, authorized by an appropriation made July 15, 1870, is progressing under contracts, and will be completed this season.

1872 – Sassafras Point, River Providence, Rhode Island.—During the construction of this beacon it was lighted by a steamboat company for the benefit of the navigation of the channel to Providence. In consequence of the failure of the contractor to comply with the terms of this contract, payment has not been made for the work.

1873 – Fuller's Rock, river Providence, Rhode Island, Sassafras Point, river Providence, Rhode Island.—These beaconlights are on opposite sides of the river and are distant about one mile.
The purchase of a site and the erection of a dwelling, for the keeper are recommended, as very great difficulty is experienced in securing a suitable person to attend the lights at the compensation fixed for such beacons. It is supposed that $5,000 would be adequate for the object, and it is therefore recommended. The light at Sassafras Point was changed from white to red October 1, 1872.

1874 – For protection of site and erection of dwelling at Fuller Rock and Sassafras Point, R.I., June 23, 1874, $5,000.

1874 – Sassafras Point,Providence River, Rhode Island.—The building for the use of the keeper of these lights, authorized by act of June 23, will be placed under construction as soon as detailed working-plans are prepared and approved.

1875 – Fuller's Rock, and Sassafras Point, Providence River, Rhode Island.—The purchase of a site for the erection of a dwelling for the keeper of these lights has not been made. The land in the vicinity is being much improved, for business purposes, and there is a disinclination on the part of the owners to sell land for a keeper's dwelling, as they fear that the remainder will be depreciated in value. The appropriation of $5,000, made by act approved June 23, 1874, is still available.

1876 – Fuller’s Rock, Sassafras Point, Providence River, Rhode Island—Nothing has been done at these stations toward erecting a dwelling-house for the use of the keeper, as it has been impracticable to effect the purchase of a site.

1879 – Fuller’s Rock, Sassafras Point, Providence River, Rhode Island—The wooden towers of these two stations (frame portable beacons) are showing considerable evidence of decay, and it is recommended that an appropriation of $1,000 be asked for substituting for them cast-iron towers.

1881 – Fuller's Rock, 144, Sassafras Point, in Providence River, Rhode Island.—The beacons surmounting the stone piers need renovation, and the work should not be delayed.

1889 – Sassafras Point, Providence River, Rhode Island.—The masonry around the pier was pointed, and the holes underneath it were filled with concrete in bags. Some 150 tons of riprap were placed around the base, and various minor repairs were made.

1897 – Sassafras Point, Rhose Island – About 100 tons of riprap were placed on the southeast side of the pier for its protection.

1900 – Fuller Rock, Rhode Island—The color of the lens light was changed from red to white.

1901 – Sassafras Point, Rhode Island – On November 15, 1900, the color of the lens lantern was changed from white to red. Minor repairs were made.

1912 – Sassafras Point Light Station to be permanently discontinued about July 20, 1912, when removal by dredging operations of the shoal which it marked will have rendered its maintenance no longer necessary.

Keepers: Joseph Pollard (1872), Lorenzo D. Clark (1872), Charles H. Salisbury (1872), John S. Whittemore (1872), Edward Beard (1873), Samuel D. Heard (1873 – 1882), Edward P. Hoxsie (1882), William Dunwell (1882 – 1886), Patrick Fitzpatrick (1886), John J. Mullen (1886 – 1912).

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