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North Point, MD  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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North Point Lighthouse

1819 – Appropriated by act of Congress for a lighthouse on The Bodkin and two on North Point, mouth of Patapsco River, Md., March 3, 1819, $9,000.

1820 – Appropriated on May 14, 1820, an additional $6,600.

1822 – Appropriated on April 30, 1822, an additional $6,600.

1838 – North-point lower light—Burns nine lamps with parabolic reflectors. North-point upper light—Burns nine lamps with parabolic reflectors. These lights are built on piers about 150 yards from the shore, and are brought in a range in steering for the harbor of Baltimore. They are very important lights, but, in consequence of the humidity of the atmosphere in the lanterns, they cannot be seen at a proper distance. Lights well kept.
Keeper's dwelling—The plastering of the kitchen fallen. The house requires to be painted and plastered in the dining-room.

1848 – North Point, 2 lights on north side of entrance to Patapsco River, Chesapeake Bay. Height of towers 27 and 35 feet from base to lantern. Built in 1824. Two lights to range with ship channel; refitted in 1843.

1850 – North Point light-house. - 18 lamps; Elizabeth Riley, keeper; supplied June 29, 1850. Towers have been whitewashed inside and out; lanterns and domes want painting; lamps, reflectors, and oil-butts good. Western bridge has been repaired, and a new abutment of stone made; many of the planks of the bridge are considerably decayed. The kitchen, which is unconnected with the house, wants replastering, and the chimney is in a shattered condition.
Left June 26, 1849, 609 gallons of oil. Found on hand 13 gallons of oil. 596 gallons consumed in 368 days is equal to 591 gallons per year, or 32 15/18 gallons per lamp.
Delivered 430 gallons of spring oil, 200 gallons of winter oil, 10 gallons on hand, for a total of 640 gallons.
50 tube glasses; 45 yards cloth; 6 gross wicks; 2 buff skins; 2 pair scissors; 1 lamp-feeder; 1 file; 4 burners, complete; 18 outside burners.
2 spare lamps, in good order, long or common burners, 15-inch reflectors.

1851 – NORTH POINT LIGHTS—TWO LEADING LIGHTS. July 9—2 to 3 1/2 p. m.
Mrs. E. Riley, keeper; assistant, deaf and dumb son, who performed the duty of keeper to both lights: has kept for 23 years; nine spherical reflectors in each light, in good order; glass in lantern 8 1/2 x 10 1/2; astragals horizontal, inch thick; octagonal frame, 3 1/4 inches wide, 8 uprights.
No trimming-scissors. Lamps tin—clean; burners bad—clean. Tower rubble-stone, badly built; pointing good; stucco bad; tower dry; oil at 70° Fahrenheit; 10° below sperm by standard oliometer.
Bridges or wharves require repairs badly; tower requires a little painting; foundation requires a little repair to save further expense.
Has kept the lights for 23 years. No winter oil on hand; usual complaint.
Reflectors are not well placed to produce the greatest intensity of light in the required azimuths.
Fifth or sixth order lenses might be substituted to advantage, and produce a great saving of oil.

1855 – Keeper Elizabeth Riley $600

1856 – New illuminating apparatus has been placed in the following lighthouses, in this district, during the past year, viz: Hog island, New Point Comfort, Pool's island, Turkey Point, Sharpe's island, Pamlico Point, Fishing Battery, Clay island, Blackistone's island, the two at North Point, and Beacon island.

1864 – Repairs and renovations more or less extensive have been made at the following stations: Hog island, Blakiston’s island, Piney Point, Pool's island, and North Point. Upon the last four, new lanterns have been placed.

1868 – North Point.—In good condition.

1869 – North Point.—In good condition.

1874 – North Point range-lights, north side of entrance to Patapsco River, Maryland.—These lights were discontinued (1873) when the Craighill Channel range had been established and mariners had become accustomed to them, as their use was no longer necessary. The lens, supplies, &c, were removed and sent to the general depot. The old towers on North Point will be retained as day-marks.


  • Head: Solomon Frazier (1822 – at least 1824), David Riley (at least 1831 – 1834), Elizabeth Riley (1834 – 1857), Thomas Hamlin (1857), Elizabeth Riley (1857), Thomas Hamlin (1857 – 1861), Henry Schmuck (1861 – 1864), Mrs. H. Schmuck (1864 – 1866), Thomas S. Hamlin (1866 – 1868), B.B. Harris (1868 – 1869), Benjamin Cole (1869), Joseph Ridgaway (1869 – 1874).
  • Assistant: A. J. Fleming (1872 – ), Joseph Worthington (1873), Margaret Ridgaway (1873 – 1874).

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