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Schuylkill River Range, PA  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Schuylkill River Range Lighthouse

1875 – Schuylkill ranges, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania,—An appropriation of $15,000 for range-lights at the mouth of the Schuylkill River was made by act of Congress approved March 3,1875. Surveys to determine the proper location have been made. Designs for the structures have been prepared and approved, and their erection is now in progress. They will be finished during the present season. The sites for structures fall on the reservation of League Island naval station, and authority has been obtained from the Secretary of the Navy for their occupation.

1876 – Schuylkill River Ranges, Pennsylvania.—Two piers have been erected on League Island Flats, near the mouth of the Schuylkill, and beacons supplied with sixth-order illuminating apparatus placed upon them to serve as range-lights for entering the mouth of the river. The piers are connected with the river-bank by plank walks. A keeper's dwelling has been erected adjacent to the two piers, according to plans approved by the board. The lights were exhibited, for the first time, December 15, 1875.

1881 – Schuylkill Range-beacons (front and rear), on League Island, month of Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—The dwelling for these stations was painted. A sluice for draining the ground around the dwelling is being put in.

1885 – Schuylkill River range, on League Island, mouth of Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—The old and decayed foot-bridge, which connected the front beacon with the river banks, was replaced by a new walk built on oak piles, and certain slight repairs were made.

1887 – Schuylkill range beacons (front and rear), on League Island, mouth of Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—Because of the settling of the chimney of the dwelling a new foundation was put in, and considerable repairs were made to the dwelling where strained by the chimney. A new plank walk resting on piles is being built to connect the rear beacon with the League Island embankment.

1888 – Schuylkill range beacons (front and rear) on League Island, mouth of Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—The new pile plank walk, connecting the rear beacon with the League Island embankment, was completed in July, 1887.

1891 – Schuylkill River Range (front and rear), mouth of Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—The cellar floor of the dwelling was raised and laid with concrete and the frame stable was rebuilt.

1897 – Schuylkill (front and rear), Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.— Both lights were, on June 30,1897, moved to a new temporary range about 100 feet northward of the old range to mark a newly dredged channel over the river bar. The sea wall, 700 feet, in front of the dwelling was rebuilt. The road entrance was turnpiked across the rear marsh. Work was begun upon raising the dwelling about 5 feet and moving back the outbuildings about 800 feet to allow the grading up of this portion of the island by the Navy Department.

1898 – Schuylkill (front and rear), Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.— About 1,700 feet of road was surfaced with oyster shells and about 800 feet of sea wall was covered with heavy coping stone. The cistern was divided into two compartments by a brick division wall, and its walls were replastered. A new pump was furnished and mounted. New iron drain pipes were put in. About 1,300 feet of elevated board walk was built. Various repairs were made.

1899 – Schuylkill River Range, Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.— The cellar of the dwelling recently raised was partially filled with sand and gravel in order to bring the floor above standing water. The navy-yard authorities having completed the filling in of the grounds about the station, the barn was moved back to its original position and placed upon a pier foundation. Various repairs were made.

1902 – Schuylkill River Range, Delaware River. Pennsylvania.— A topographical survey was made and plotted. Corrections and additions were made to the drawings of the dwelling. Various repairs were made.

1904 – Schuylkill River ranges, mouth Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania.—The brick oil house was completed. Various repairs were made.

1905 – Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Pennsylvania.—Elevated boardwalks on pile and iron-column foundations were erected from the sea wall to the front and rear lights and carrying upon their outer ends lantern posts and triangular slatted daymarks. Minor repairs were made.

1906 – Schuylkill River, Delaware River, Pennsylvania.— The old white post lanterns were on July 28, 1906, were replaced with red lens lanterns.

1921 – Two steel towers erected, $2,431.

1923 – On March 23, 1923, a fire severely damaged the upper floor and attic of the keeper’s dwelling.

Keepers: John Sheer (1875), Matthew Smith (1875 – 1876), Thomas Bills (1876 – 1881), Robert Sansom (1881), William T. Maltman (1881 – at least 1912).

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