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Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range, NJ  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range Lighthouse

1879 – Fort Mifflin Bar Range-lights, Delaware River — A site has been selected for a light, which, in connection with the front light of Tinicum Island Range, will form a range through the dredged channel across Fort Mifflin Bar. This site has been approved and title is being examined by the United States attorney for New Jersey. The design for this structure is nearly ready to be submitted, and it is hoped the structure can be erected early in the spring. Estimated cost of site and structure is $9,000.

1880 – Fort Mifflin Bar Range-lights, Delaware River, New Jersey —The deeds and title papers for the purchase of these sites were approved by the honorable the Attorney-General. Advertisements were issued for bids for the construction of the front beacon and rear dwelling for Tinicum Island Range, the rear beacon on Fort Mifflin Range, and for the iron tower for the rear beacon of Tinicum Island Range. The bids were opened on May 3, when the bid of John C. Kelly, of Philadelphia, for the frame buildings, was accepted and the contract was duly approved. Mr. Kelly is now at work, and the buildings are progressing favorably. The balance of the funds available for this purpose not being sufficient to contract for the erection of the iron tower for the rear beacon, Tinicum Island Range, the acceptance of any bid received was temporarily postponed. Congress, at its last session, having made an appropriation of $15,000 for completing these works, it is proposed to have the iron tower erected during the present season.

1881 – Tinicum Island and Fort Mifflin Bar Range-beacons, Delaware River, New Jersey—These stations were ready for lighting on December 30, 1880, and were then occupied by the light-keepers. In accordance with Notice to Mariners, No. 47, of 1880, these lights were exhibited for the first time on December 31, 1880. After their completion all these sites were fenced in.

1882 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.— The height of the tower was increased 10 feet 6 inches; this change in height was made necessary that it might be visible. The tower from the gallery of the watch-room to the top of the lantern is painted black.

1883 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range-Beacon, (rear,) Delaware River, New Jersey.—The old tin roof of the lantern was replaced with a galvanized iron roof and cowl, a concrete floor was laid in the cellar, and a shed kitchen was attached to the rear of the dwelling; the boundaries of the station were marked with stone monuments, and certain minor repairs were made.

1886 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut range beacon (rear), Delaware River, below Billingsport, New Jersey.—A new detached tower was erected to replace the frail structure on the top of the dwelling. The cupola was taken down, the space left was roofed over, and some alterations and repairs were made to the dwelling. A small barn was built.

1891 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.— A new brick walk from the dwelling to the tower was laid, the lattice work at the base of the tower was renewed and the fences were rebuilt. The frame tower was resheathed and repaired to prevent leakage from driving storms.

1893 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Range (rear), below Billingsport, Delaware River, New Jersey.—The station was put in thorough order, and minor repairs were made.

1896 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.—A detached brick oil house and about 1,200 feet of wire fence were built.

1897 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut (rear), Delaware River, New Jersey.—The high tower was repaired. The dwelling was put in thorough order and was provided with pump and hose against fire. Brick walks were extended.

1901 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut, rear, Delaware River, New Jersey.— Plans and specifications were prepared and the work of erecting a circular day mark above the lantern on the tower was begun. Minor repairs were made.

1902 – Fort Mifflin Bar Cut Rear, Delaware River, New Jersey.—An addition was made to the dwelling containing a kitchen and a bedroom. The erection of the new day mark on the tower was completed, and the disk and frame were painted. The cross fence was rebuilt and some ornamental plants were furnished for use on the grounds. Various repairs were made.

1918 – A 3 ½-order lens installed; illuminant changed from oil to electricity.

1953 – Wooden tower built in 1886 for the rear light was torn down, and a metal, skeletal tower was erected for the rear light.

Keepers: William S. White (1880 – 1906), Margaret White (1906), Samuel Soper (1906 – 1907), Thomas Wright (1907 – 1919), Edward F. Renaud (at least 1921), John C. Gray (1925 – 1930).

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