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Whitestone Point, NY  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Whitestone Point Lighthouse

1889 — Whitestone Point, East River, New York.—Material was prepared and framed for a bell-tower and post-light.

1890 – Whitestone Point, East River, New York.—A bell struck by machinery, November 15, 1889.

1890 – Whitestone Point post-light, East River, New York.—This fixed white light was shown on November 15,1889, for the first time. A bell tower and post-light was built.

1897 – Whitestone Point post light, East River, New York – The lantern deck was covered with canvas in place of old tin covering.

1903 – Whitestone Point post light, New York – A protective sea wall in front of the light-house tower was completed. Minor repairs were made.

Keepers: M. O'Connor (at least 1913 – at least 1915), Catherine O'Connor (at least 1916 – at least 1919), Thomas P. Oddy (at least 1922), Lawrence D. Carroll (at least 1939).

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