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Fort Popham, ME  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Fort Popham Lighthouse

1900 Fort Popham Beacon, Kennebec River, Maine.A fixed red lens lantern light was established on October 19, 1899.

1903 Fort Popham beacon, Kennebec River, Maine.A bell-tower was built and a 1,000-pound fog-bell struck by machinery was established. The light was taken from the spindle and placed on the bell tower, and a footbridge and plank walk leading to the shore were built,

1909 The balance of the appropriation for light-keepers' dwellings, made by the acts of March 4, 1907, and May 27, 1908, was applied to the construction of dwellings at the following-named light-stations: Fort Popham, Me.

1910 Funds applied toward the construction of a new dwelling.

1910 Isolated oil houses were erected at the following-named stations during the fiscal year 1910 from the appropriation "Oil houses for light-stations:"

1925 Leroy L. Myers, keeper of Fort Popham Lighthouse, Me., on September 27, while a strong ebb tide was running, rendered assistance to two men who were clinging to the bottom of their dory which had upset near the lighthouse.

Keepers: Llewelyn Oliver (at least 1900 at least 1912), Leroy L. Myers (at least 1913 at least 1928), Alonzo Morong (at least 1930 1935), Eugene W. Osgood (1935 1941).

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