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Venus Point, SC  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Venus Point Lighthouse

1884 – New Lights: Venus Point Range, Savannah River, South Carolina; two lights; May 26, 1884.

1887 – Venus Point range, on Jones' Island, Savannah River, South Carolina.—In March a fire, running through the tall reeds which grow thickly and to a considerable height in the vicinity of the beacons, reached the wooden-pile tramway of the front beacon and so injured it as to endanger the structure. The tramway was removed and brick piers substituted.

1890 – Venus Point ranges, Jones' Island, Savannah River, South Carolina.—The hoisting machinery of the rear beacon, which was much injured by a fall, was repaired and replaced, and a new platform of 3-inch plank having 150 square feet of surface was built. The piazzas and cisterns of the dwelling were repaired, and 500 bushels of oyster shells were spread under the house. The old quarters for the workmen which, since the establishment of the station, had been used as a storehouse, were torn down and a new storehouse, 15 by 20 feet in plan, built from the old material.

1892 – Venus Point Range, Savannah River, South Carolina.— Changes in the current of the Savannah River have caused so much shoaling along the water front as to require the extension of the boat landings at the front and rear beacons. The shoaling at the landing place of the front beacon has become so extensive that it will soon be necessary to connect the two beacons by a low plank walk running 6,000 feet in a direct line across the low land between the beacons.

1894 – Venus Point range, Savannah River, South Carolina.—The platform at the rear beacon was rebuilt, the boat landing and 300 running feet of trestlework approach were renewed, 270 running feet of high plank walk and 5,900 feet of low plank walk were constructed, and a new storehouse, etc., was built. Various repairs were made.

1895 – Venus Point range, Savannah River, South Carolina.—This range was discontinued by the extinguishement of the light of its front beacon. A Funck lantern will be substituted for the present locomotive reflector of the rear beacon when the ranges for the new channel into the Savannah River, Georgia, are lighted.

1896 – Venus Point, Savannah River, South Carolina.—A lens lantern was substituted for the locomotive-headlight lantern formerly in use when this beacon constituted the rear light of the discontinued Venus Point Range light.

1897 – Venus Point, Savannah River, South Carolina.—The boat landing and approaches were seriously injured by the cyclone of September 29, 1896. They were replaced by a structure of twenty-four heavy piles well driven, and 160 feet of additional plank walks were built.

1898 – Venus Point, South Carolina.—A new kitchen, on piles and grillage foundation and ceiled in hard-oil finish, was built, together with 50 feet of elevated plank walk. Minor repairs were made.

1899 – Venus Point, South Carolina.—Some 400 running feet of plank walk were rebuilt. The discontinued iron front beacon is to be moved and made the front beacon of the Bloody Point Range. Various repairs were made.

1905 – Venus Point, South Carolina.—As soon as the new ranges now being built are lighted, this light will be discontinued, but the station will be occupied by the keepers of Jones Island and Lower Flats ranges. Various repairs were made.


  • Head: William Campbell (1884 – 1888), Gustav H.W. Denrell (1888 – 1892), Hans Thorkildsen (1892 – 1895), Charles L. Sisson (1895 – 1907).
  • Assistant: Fred T. Sisson (1896 – 1898), J.R. Rivers (1898 – 1899), Gustaf Ohman (1899 – 1900), Fred T. Sisson (1900 – 1901), William P. Hogan (1901), Theodore S. Johansen (1901 – 1902), George B. Estell (1902), Frederick Shriver (1902 – 1903), Lewis S. Jervey, Jr. (1903), Lewis H. Bringloe (1903), George W. Relyea (1903), Edward B. Magwood (1904), William T. Thompson (1904), Thomas F. Neilson (1904), William T. Thompson (1904), August F. Wichmann (1905), William Lindquist (1905 – 1906), Joseph Grisillo (1906), George F. Rivers (1906), Barney Goldman (1907), Clarence Malloy (1907).

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