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Combahee Bank, SC  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Combahee Bank Lighthouse

1863 – Combahee Bank light-vessel, removed and burnt. 1867 – Combahee bank —It has been decided not to restore the light-vessel formerly at this station, hut in lieu thereof to substitute a screw-pile light-house. This will be done at an early day.

1868 – Combahee bank.—A screw-pile light house has been erected in place of the light-vessel formerly marking this station; and light exhibited for the first time on the evening of February 22, 1868.

1869 – Combahee Bank, St. Helena Sound.—Repairs have been made to the parapet of the lantern to prevent its leaking. The iron-work of the screw-pile foundation has been painted, and the station is in good condition.

1876 – Combahee Bank, Saint Helena Sound, South Carolina.—The shoal on which this light-house was built has been washed away to such an extent as to endanger the safety of the structure and render it useless to navigation. The board, therefore, ordered the discontinuance of the light and the removal of the lens and lantern. The order was carried into effect June 30,1876, the building remaining as a day-mark.


  • Head: Patrick Comer (1868 – 1873), A.J. Martin (1873 – 1874), Joseph W. Bold (1874 – 1876).
  • Assistant: John McDonald (1868), M. McCarthy (1868 – 1869), Bridget Comer (1869 – 1873), Frederick W. Villepique (1873), Marcus Rivers (1873), Joseph W. Bold (1873 – 1874), James Gannon (1874), N. D. Condray (1874), Edwin C. McTurcous (1874 – 1876).

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