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Point Defer, LA  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Point Defer Lighthouse

1827 Work commenced on lighthouse, and the structure was completed around the end of the year.

1832 This light is stationary and situated in latitude 29 '5'. It is elevated about 70 feet above the level of the sea. The object of the light is to guide vessels into port; its distance from the bar is about 14 miles, and in approaching it the bearing must be E. by S.

1854 For the erection of a light-house on the southwest reef near the entrance to Atchafalaya bay, to serve as a substitute for the present Atchafalaya Bay light-ship, and also for the light-house at Point de Fer, twenty thousand dollars.

1855 A 4th order lens and lantern for Point de Fer light-house is on hand, but not yet put up.

1855 In my annual report I mentioned I thought the Point de Fer light-house might be dispensed with, by improving the light in the light-vessel. I reconsider that matter, and say we can dispense with the light-boat. The hazard of getting away from moorings is great, I find, on this coast, and great expense attends such disasters. Since my report went in a portion of the staking of the bay has been completed. The stake at the mouth of the Pass, near the light-ship berth, is a skeleton pyramid, and can be seen distinctly from the light-house at Point de Fer, making quite as good a day mark as the light-ship; and as the intricacy of the bay is such that vessels do not go in at night, I believe the light-ship might be dispensed with, and had I my discretion to use I would abolish her. She is in good condition, and could be used elsewhere.

1857 No titles have been obtained to the sites of the small lights authorized at Saluria, Corpus Christi, and at the mouth of the Rio Grande. Steps will be taken as speedily as possible for the erection of the lights authorized on Shell keys and in Atchafalaya bay, on southwest reef, to serve as a substitute for the Point de Fer light-house, and for the Alchafalaya light-vessel.

1859 Southwest Reef Lighthouse replaced Point Defer Lighthouse. Keeper George Wright was transferred to the new lighthouse.

1864 Upon the occupation of the southern portion of Texas by the United States forces, application was made by the military authorities for the re-establishment of the lights at Point Isabel, Ship shoal, Point de Fer, Timballier, Aransas Pass, and Padre island. Measures were promptly inaugurated to ascertain the condition and necessities of these stations, and suitable illuminating apparatus has been sent out to be put in position when the requisite repairs shall have been completed.


  • Head: Lorenzo Munson (at least 1831), Harley Curtis (at least 1833), William H. Armstrong (at least 1835 at least 1836), Daniel Tufts (1837 1849), Andrew B. Cary (1849 1855), Elijah M. Chester (1855 1857), George Wright (1857 1859).
  • Assistant: M.A. Ross (at least 1855 1859).

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