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Bayou Bonfouca, LA  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Bayou Bonfouca Lighthouse

1854 – The exterior of the dwelling and the small tower on it were painted white also railing of gallery and balusters; shutters painted green, two cisterns lead-color; two hearths re-laid; backs of Chimneys, &c., repaired; all glass re-set; sashes painted, and also iron work of lantern outside.

1862 – Confederate forces burned the lighthouse and took Keeper Vincenzo Scorza prisoner. Escorsa later escaped from Camp Moore and l

1868 – Bon Fouca.—Destroyed in 1862 and not re-established. The important point in this vicinity seems to be Pointe aux Herbes, directly opposite, on the south shore of the lake, forming the principal landmark for all steamers and sailing vessels trading in the lakes. The abandonment of the present site and the erection of a light-house on Pointe aux Herbes is recommended, and an estimate of appropriation necessary will be submitted.

1869 – Bon Fouca, entrance to Bayou Bon Fouca.—An appropriation of $8,000 is available for rebuilding this light at Pointe aux Herbes as a preferable position to that of the old one. It is necessary to obtain title to the proper site before the structure can be commenced.

Keepers: John Wadsworth (1848 – 1849), Vincenzo Scorza (1849 – 1862).

Laborers: Silvestre Puchnau (1900 – 1901), Roswell King (1901), Silvestre Puchnau (1901 – 1906), Manuel Trigo (1906), Edgar Doucet (1906 – 1910), Fritz Schutlz (1911), Nelville Pichon (1911 – at least 1921).

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