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Amite River, LA  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Amite River Lighthouse

1857 – No titles have been obtained as yet to the sites of the lights authorized on St. Joseph's island, Southwest cape, St. George's sound, at Proctorsville, Amite river, or at St. Andrew's bay.

1880 — Mouth of the Amite River, Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana.—An appropriation of $3,000 is available for the erection of a light at this station. As soon as the site can be examined a report thereon will be made.

1882 -— Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.- This small station was built by contract, from designs sent out by the Light-House Board. After it was completed it settled about two and a half feet, and was raised and had a better foundation put under it. It was lighted on May 1, 1882.

1887 – Amite River, near the mouth of Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—A survey of the site was made, also tracings of the reservation and buildings. A new lightning-conductor was put up, and the station was left in good order.

1890 – Amite River, near the mouth of Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—The foundation piles of this structure and the posts of the gallery floor were renewed and various repairs were made. This structure will have to be renewed before long.

1891 – Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—The structure was raised and repaired, and the foundation was in effect renewed.

1893 – Amite River, near the mouth of Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—Two additional rooms, 12 feet by 13 feet in plan, on eight foundation piles were put up at this station. A new cistern was built on four foundation piles, and various repairs were made.

1894 – Amite River, entrance from Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—It is recommended, for the foregoing reasons given in the case of New Canal, that a fog bell to be struck by machinery be established here. It is estimated that this can be done for not exceeding $1,200, and it is recommended that an appropriation of this amount be made therefor.

1898 – Amite River, near month of Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—A fog-bell tower was built and a 1,200-pound bell, struck by machinery was installed.

1899 – During the fiscal year fog-signals were established at the following named existing light-stations: Amite River light-station, Louisiana.—A bell, struck by machinery, July 7, 1898.

1902 – Amite River, on the northwesterly side of Lake Maurepas, southerly side of the mouth of Amite River, Louisiana.—A cistern was placed. Minor repairs were made.

1904 – Amite River, Lake Maurepas, Louisiana.—An oil house was built on the fog-signal platform.

Keepers: Julius Lange (1882 – 1883), James M. Crawford (1883 – at least 1921), George J. Fath (at least 1930).

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