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Saluria, TX  Lighthouse destroyed.   

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Saluria Lighthouse

Saluria Lighthouse was a square wooden tower with a wooden lantern.

1855 – A small beacon at Saluria, at the mouth of the bayou, would be of great service to bay craft and steamboats. The bayou is a harbor for lighters and bay boats. The United States mail for Corpus Christi, St. Joseph's, Lamar, &c, passes through here, and in the sudden and severe northers which prevail on this coast small craft run great risk of being blown to sea from inability to find the bayou at night, and lives have been lost on several occasions in consequence. Cost of erecting beacon, $500.

1857 – No titles have been obtained to the sites of the small lights authorized at Saluria, Corpus Christi, and at the mouth of the Rio Grande. Steps will be taken as speedily as possible for the erection of the lights authorized on Shell keys and in Atchafalaya bay, on southwest reef, to serve as a substitute for the Point de Fer light-house, and for the Alchafalaya light-vessel.

1858 – Half Moon Reef, Alligator Head, and Saluria light-houses have all been completed and lighted.

1864 – Saluria light-house has been partly destroyed.

1868 – Saluria.—This structure was entirely destroyed during the war, and there seems to be no very pressing necessity for its immediate reconstruction.

1869 – Saluria, Texas.—This station, which was entirely destroyed during the war, has not been re-established. Although useful for interior navigation, its reconstruction is not so necessary as many other lights on that coast.

Keepers: Thomas Hanson (1859 – 1861).

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