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Black Rock Point (Old), NS  Privately owned, no access without permission.   

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Black Rock Point (Old) Lighthouse

Three lighthouses have stood atop Black Rock Point. The first one, finished in 1868, was a one-storey building with a three-sided window that projected from its hipped roof. Donald Morrison served as the station’s first keeper, and he was responsible for four lights that shone from the lighthouse: two facing seaward, one across the channel, and one south toward the harbor.

Black Rock Point Lighthouse in 1901.
Photograph courtesy Library and Archives Canada
The government purchased three acres of land for the lighthouse from the estate of the late Roderick Morrison for $84. The three-acre parcel was part of 100 acres that were granted to Roderick Morrison in 1842.

After Keeper Donald Morrison passed away in 1888, his son Alexander cared for the lighthouse for a few years before a second son, Malcom, took charge of the light. Malcolm served as keeper until 1929.

By 1933, the original lighthouse had been modified through the addition of a square tower topped by a square lantern room on the seaward side of the dwelling.

A square, two-storey lighthouse surmounted by a hipped roof and square lantern room was built on the point in 1937 to replace the original lighthouse. In 1977, a rectangular equipment building was built east of the lighthouse, and to one of its corners a square tower was built to support an exposed rotating airport beacon. An octagonal lantern room was installed atop the tower in 1987, completing the lighthouse that stands on the point today.

In 1979, the old two-storey lighthouse was purchased and moved a couple hundred metres south to serve as a private residence.

Frank Kozera, the station’s last keeper, left in 1990 after the government refused to allow him to continue to live in the dwelling on the site under a lease agreement. The dwelling he lived in was subsequently sold and removed from the property.

Parks Canada recognized Black Rock Point Lighthouse as a heritage lighthouse in 2017, ensuring its protection. The lighthouse is reportedly now owned by Island Lights Inc.

Keepers: Donald Morrison (1868 – 1888), A.F. Morrison (1888 – 1892), Malcolm D. Morrison (1892 – 1929), W. Fahie (1929 – 1930), T.T. Stephenson (1930 – at least 1937), Frank Kozera (1977 – 1990).


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