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Abbott's Harbour, NS  A hike of some distance required.Fee charged.   

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Abbott's Harbour Lighthouse

A pole light was established at the south end of Abbott Island in 1884 to guide vessels through the narrow entrance to the anchorage at Abbott’s Harbour. A new mast with a shed at its base was erected in 1891 at a cost of $125, but a few years later mariners decided the light would be more useful if it were located on the mainland, so the light was relocated to a spot near the south entrance to the harbour.

Pole Light on Abbott Island
Photograph courtesy Nova Scotia Archives and Records
In 1922, a wooden pyramidal tower formerly used in Amherst was moved to Abbott’s Harbour to replace the pole light.

For its first seventy-seven years, the light at Abbott’s Harbour was kept by the D’Entremont family starting with Garvaise D’Entremont in 1884. Freeman D’Entremont kept the light from 1886 to 1888. Guillame-Henri D’Entremont was responsible for the light from 1888 to 1939, and near the end of this lengthy term, he was awarded and medal in 1935 by King George V for his faithful service. Charles-Angus “Charlie” D’Entremont watched over the kerosene-fueled light from 1939 to 1961. The final keeper of the light was John Joseph Surette, who served from 1961 to 1966.

A small park, with picnic tables and benches, was created around the Abbott’s Harbour Lighthouse by members of the West Pubnico Historical Society in 1990. This proved to be a popular spot for locals and visitors, but by that time, the beacon had been discontinued, and the park was actually on private land.

To ensure the long-term preservation of the lighthouse, its lantern room was removed, and on June 24, 2004 the tower was cut into two sections, loaded onto a trailer, and relocated to the grounds of the Historical Acadian Village of Nova Scotia in Lower West Pubnico. The traveling lighthouse has almost certainly found a permanent home, and what better place could there be to learn about the history of the lighthouse than at a museum.

Keepers: Garvaise D’Entremont (1884 – 1886), Freeman D’Entremont (1886 – 1888), Guillaume H. D’Entremont (1888 – 1939), Charles-Angus “Charlie” D’Entremont (1939 – 1961), John J. Surette (1961 – 1966).


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