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Colombier Islands, NF  Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.   

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Colombier Islands Lighthouse

Colombier Islands Station in the 1990s.
Photograph courtesy Canadian Coast Guard
Like many of the coastal communities in Newfoundland, Burnt Islands developed around the fishery. The first recorded settlers on what is known as the "main" section was in 1839, and two years later, families settled the "island" section. These two sections of the settlement were linked together in 1969 by a causeway

In 1915, Burnt Island Leading Lights were established to assist fishermen in making the harbor. These range lights were displayed from two square, pyramidal, wooden towers, painted with two red and two white horizontal bands. The lantern of each was white and displayed a red fixed light.

The Colombier Islands are located just offshore at the entrance to the harbour at Burnt Islands, and in 1929 a fog alarm was established on Big Colombier Island. A light was added to the station in 1971.

Today, a square, skeletal, metal tower serves as Colombier Islands Light. The pair or range lights are located in Burnt Islands, near where the photographs of Colombier Islands Lighthouse were taken, and are the modern versions of the Burnt Island Leading Lights.

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