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Fanjoys Point, NB  Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.   

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Fanjoys Point Lighthouse

Original Fanjoys Point Lighthouse
Photograph courtesy Canadian Coast Guard
Grand Lake is the largest freshwater lake in New Brunswick and drains into the Saint John River through the 6.7-kilometre-long (4.1-mile-long) Jemseg River. Six lights were established along the Saint John River between Saint John and Fredericton in 1869, but the next three lights to be established in the Saint John River watershed were along the shores of Grand Lake. A light was commissioned at Cox Point in 1871, and two years later, wooden towers were placed at Robertson Point and Fanjoys Point, sites selected by John Ferns.

Charles Macpherson constructed wooden towers, each of which measured sixteen feet from base to the vane on the lantern room, at Fanjoys Point and Robertson Point, and the lights were placed into operation on October 1, 1873. It wasn’t uncommon for landowners to have points named after them or for landowners to be placed in charge of lighthouses built on their land, and such was the case for the lights on Grand Lake, as John Robertson and William Fanjoy were appointed keepers of the two lake lights established in 1873. (Note that early spellings of the names were Robertson's Point and Fanjoy's Point, which more clearly captured the fact that the points were named after people.)

In 1895, Keeper Charles Mott cleaned up the land around the lighthouse and cut down trees that were obscuring the light. Fanjoys Point Light was improved in 1905 when a seventh-order lens and lamp were substituted for the reflectors and lamps previously in use.

The original tower at Fanjoys Point was replaced with a modern beacon in 1971.

Information on Fanjoys Point Lighthouse
History Light Characteristics Focal Height Nominal Range Description/Height of tower above ground
First light here established in 1873. Two-second red flash every 4 seconds. 12.2 m. 7 M Cylindrical tower, red and white horizontal bands. 7.4 m. (24.3’)

Keepers: William Fanjoy (1873 – 1888), Vincent Wiggins (1888 – 1892), Charles H. Mott (1892 – 1897), William Fanjoy (1897 – 1912), W. C. Kennedy (1912 – 1920), E.F. Dyer (1921 – at least 1923).


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