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 Brush Wharf Range Front, PE    
Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.Privately owned, no access without permission.
Description: The Brush Wharf Range Lights were described as follows in The Gulf and River St. Lawrence published in 1908 by the U.S. Navy's Hydrographic Office.
A square white lighthouse, 15 feet high, on the western side of Brush Wharf, exhibits, at 18 feet above high water, a fixed green light, which should be seen, in clear weather, when in alignment with the following light, 2 miles.

A similar lighthouse, on the left bank of Orwell River 75, 158 yards from the preceding light, exhibits, at 27 feet above high water, a fixed green light, which should be seen, in clear weather, when in alignment with the preceding light, 2 miles.

Brush Wharf, also known as Port Selkirk Wharf, was located on the south side of the Orwell River. To enter the river, vessels would use the Douse Point Range Lights to clear China Point and then pick up the Brush Wharf Range Lights to reach the wharf.

The Brush Wharf Range Lights were established in 1899, and Daniel W. McPherson served as keeper for several years starting on January 13, 1899 at an annual salary of $60. Prior to the establishment of the Brush Wharf Range Lights, a single red light was used to mark Brush Wharf starting on July 1, 1879.

When the Brush Wharf Range Lights and Douse Point Range Lights commenced operation in 1899, the tower formerly used at Brush Wharf was relocated to serve as the rear light of the Douse Point Range. This tower was square with sloping sides and a height of 6.7 metres (22 feet). John McDonald was the first keeper of the 1879 light on Brush Wharf, also known as the Orwell Light, and he transferred to the Douse Point Range Lights when they were established.

The Brush Wharf Front Range Light has been relocated to private property not too far from where it once served. The status of the companion rear range light is unknown.

Keepers: John McDonald (1878 1899), Daniel W. McPherson (1899 - 1911), F. F. Dreeland (1912 ).


  1. Annual Report of the Department of Marine and Fisheries, various years.

Location: Located just south of Vernon Bridge.
Latitude: 46.14242
Longitude: -62.86058

For a larger map of Brush Wharf Range Front Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map or get a map from: Mapquest.

Travel Instructions: From Highway 1, 6.4 km (4 miles) east of Vernon Bridge and just south of Orwell, exit onto Orwell Cove Road, and you will find the Bush Wharf Range Front Lighthouse on the right side of the road before Michael Lane. As the lighthouse is practically hidden by the foliage of an adjacent tree, the best views may come in the fall and winter.

The lighthouse is privately owned. Grounds/tower closed.

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