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 Minor light of Lana'i - Palaoa Point , HI    
A hike of some distance required.
Description: The Palaoa Point Light, also known as the Cape Ka'ea Light, was first displayed on June 6, 1934. Consisting of an automated beacon positioned atop a wooden skeletal tower, the light was one of eleven acetylene-powered lights built in the islands during the late 1920s and early 1930s. The flashing white light with a period of six seconds has a focal plane of ninety-one feet above the water and has a red sector to mark rocks to the southeast off Manele Bay.

Just up the road from the light is the site of the ancient Hawaiian village of Kaunolo where Kamehameha the Great came with his warriors to try their luck in the fertile fishing waters just offshore. Petroglyphs and the remains of houses can be found in the area. A point on the cliffs just west of the light is known as Kahekili's Leap, where Kahekili challenged others to demonstrate their loyalty to Kamehameha by following him in a death-defying, 60-foot plunge into the ocean.

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Location: Located on the southern coast of Lana'i.
Latitude: 20.73239
Longitude: -156.96496

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Travel Instructions: From Highway 400, just west of the airport, turn south on Kaupili Road - there is a stone marker at the turnoff that reads Kaunolu, but it might be hard to see. Travel 2.1 miles on Kaupili Road and then turn right onto another dirt road, which is also marked by a stone inscribed with Kaunolu. Follow this road, which will become quite rocky and steep, for 2.8 miles to the coast, where you will find Palaoa Point Light.

The Jeeps that you can rent on Lana'i are not permitted on either Kaupili Road or the road leading down to the light, so you must either hike or get a ride with a local.

The lighthouse is owned by the Coast Guard. Grounds open, tower closed.

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