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 Minor light of Hawai'i - Kailua, HI    
A hike of some distance required.
Description: The present Kailua Light, a pyramidal concrete tower, was built under the Bureau of Lighthouses in 1915 and replaced a fixed lens-lantern light that was established in 1909.
Aerial view of Kailua Point Lighthouse
Photograph courtesy U.S. Coast Guard
The light sits on Kuka'ilimoku Point and marks the northwestern side of Kailua Bay, which is home to a sport fishing fleet.

Head Keepers: Daniel P. Haleamau (1909 1913), James K. Haleamau (1913 1923).

Photo Gallery: 1


  1. The Lighthouses of Hawai`i, Love Dean, 1986.

Location: Located at the entrance to Kailua Bay.
Latitude: 19.63784
Longitude: -156.00107

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Travel Instructions: From Highway 19 at the northern end of Kona, turn towards the ocean on Palani Road. After 0.4 miles, turn right on Kuakini Highway. After you pass Kaiwi Street/Kona Bay Drive, turn left into the athletic complex and park near the outfield of the easternmost ball field. Walk south along the outfield fence, and you will find a gate for public access to the shoreline in front of the gated housing community. You can walk the shoreline to the light.

The lighthouse is owned by the Coast Guard. Grounds open, tower closed.

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