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 Rockland Harbor Southwest, ME    
Privately owned, no access without permission.Active Fresnel Lens
Description: Rockland Harbor Southwest Lighthouse was privately built by Dr. Bruce Woolett between 1981 and 1987. After being completed and equipped with a lens, the lighthouse was recognized by the Coast Guard as a private aid to navigation marking nearby Seal Ledge.

John Gazzola purchased the property from Dr. Woolett in 1998 and embarked on an extensive renovation of the lighthouse. A fifth-order Fresnel lens used at Doubling Point Range Lights was installed in the lighthouse in 1989.


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Location: As the name implies, the lighthouse is located along the southwest shore of Rockland Harbor.
Latitude: 44.08268
Longitude: -69.09629

For a larger map of Rockland Harbor Southwest Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map.

Travel Instructions: From downtown Rockland, go south on Highway 73 for 1.9 miles to North Shore Drive. Turn left on North Shore Drive, drive for 0.9 miles, and then turn left on Shearmans Lane, a dirt road which leads to the light.

The lighthouse is privately owned. Grounds/tower closed.

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