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 L'Ardoise Harbor Front, NS    
Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.Privately owned, no access without permission.
Description: In 1909, L. Mury, of West Arichat, Nova Scotia, built two twenty-two-foot-tall lighthouses under contract at a cost of $1,340. The twin towers were square in plan, with sloping sides, and were topped by square, wooden lanterns.

The following description of the L'Ardoise Range Lights was given in a 1920 Light List:

The front light, fixed red, 20 feet, visible 6 miles, is shown from a white square wooden tower with sloping sides and square lantern, erected on the beach 300 yards northward of Martin Point.

The rear light, fixed red, 52 feet above high water, visible 8 miles, is shown from a similar tower, situated 300 yards, 43, from the front light.

These lights in line, bearing 43, lead to the anchorage, passing about 100 yards westward of the breakwater extending from Martin Point.

The range lights were discontinued around 1970. The rear range light has reportedly remained in its original location, but the front range light was relocated by the Morrow family to Point Michaud.

Location: Located in Point Michaud.
Latitude: 45.58835
Longitude: -60.690386

For a larger map of L'Ardoise Harbor Front Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map.

Travel Instructions: The tower used as L'Ardoise Harbor Front Range Lighthouse is now located next to a private residence off NS-247 near Point Michaud.

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