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 Man of War Point, NS    
Privately owned, no access without permission.
Description: Around 2000, Man of War Point Lighthouse was sold to a private party, cut in half, and moved roughly 400 metres inland. In 2012, the lighthouse was part of a sixty-five-acre property that also included a residence and the Man of War Art Gallery. At that time, the property was on the market for $895,000.

A modern range tower has taken the place of the lighthouse on Man of War Point.

Location: Located on private property off Man of War Point Road.
Latitude: 46.184674
Longitude: -60.549989

For a larger map of Man of War Point Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map.

Travel Instructions: The modern range tower is located at the end of Man of War Point Road, but as this is a private road, the tower should be viewed from the water. You can request permission to visit the historic and privately owned Man of War Point Lighthouse via email: md AT (substitute @ for AT and remove spaces).

The lighthouse is privately owned. Grounds/tower closed.

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