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Courtenay Bay Breakwater, NB     

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Courtenay Bay Breakwater Lighthouse

Work on the Courtenay Bay Breakwater was started sometime in the early twentieth century, and a 2,500-foot extension was completed in 1919. In 1927, an unwatched, white light was established at the outer end of the breakwater to show the entrance to Courtenay Bay. A year later, the light was moved 150 feet shoreward, and re-erected on the centre light of the breakwater.

The battery at the end of Courtenay Bay Breakwater was constructed during World War II to resemble, but not function as, a lighthouse. Rather, the guns at the battery were to engage any motor torpedo boats which might have been launched from a larger enemy vessel and to provide covering fire for a limited number of landing sites.

The battery was decommissioned after World War II and mostly dismantled in 1946. Today, a flashing red light is exhibited from the top of the battery's white, hexagonal tower.

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