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 Point Edward Range, ON    
Lighthouse accessible by car and a short, easy walk.
Description: The Point Edward Range Lights were established in 1903. The current front range light dates from 1959 and was preceded by a 33-foot white square pyramidal wooden tower.

Fixed Red
Information on Point Edward Range Lights
Position History Light Characteristics Focal Height Nominal Range Description/Height of tower above ground
Front Erected in 1959. 12.7 m. 16 M White cylindrical tower, orange triangular daymark, black vertical stripe. 9.5 m.
Rear Unknown. Fixed Red 36.6 m. 16 M Mounted on Blue Water Bridge, orange triangular daymark, black vertical stripe.

Location: Located at the entrance to St. Clair River from Lake Huron.
Latitude: 43.00257
Longitude: -82.41645

For a larger map of Point Edward Range Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map or get a map from: Mapquest.

Travel Instructions: From the last entrance to Highway 402 before the Blue Water Bridge, go north on Front Street until it ends and then turn left onto Victoria Avenue. After eight blocks, turn right onto Fort Street and continue to its end where you will find the front range light. The rear range light is mounted on the Blue Water Bridge.

The lights are owned by the Canadian Coast Guard. Grounds open/tower closed.

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