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 Indian Harbour (Paddy's Head), NS    
A hike of some distance required.
Description: Indian Harbour Lighthouse was established in 1901 on the southeast tip of Paddy's Head Island to mark the entrance into Indian Harbour that passed between Paddy's Head Island and Wreck Island. The pyramidal, wooden tower was built under the supervision of Amos McLennan for $728.24, and Henry Boutillier was appointed the first keeper on June 6, 1901 with an annual salary of $100.

The light was electrified and unmanned in 1945, but George Richardson was hired as a caretaker in 1955 to help with maintenance and to report any problems with the light. Richardson continued in this role until 1967, when the maintenance was taken over by the Department of Transportation.


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Location: Located on the southeast point of Paddy's Head Island, marking the entrance to Indian Harbour.
Latitude: 44.52211
Longitude: -63.94592

For a larger map of Indian Harbour (Paddy's Head) Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map.

Travel Instructions: From NS 333 (Lighthouse Route) in Indian Harbour, turn south onto Paddy's Head Road. After 1.1 km (0.7 miles), you will encounter a bridge, and Indian Harbour Lighthouse will be visible off to your left. Access to the lighthouse itself is over private property.

The lighthouse is owned by the Canadian Coast Guard. Grounds/tower closed.

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