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 Apple River, NS    
Lighthouse best viewed by boat or plane.
Description: The Apple River feeds into Chignecto Bay, which in turn, connects with the Bay of Fundy. The first aid to mark Chignecto Bay was privately maintained by Gaius Lewis in the form of two lights exhibited from windows on the west side of his dwelling, which was located on a small peninsula on the north side of the bay known as Cape Capstan. Lewis' dwelling burned down in 1869, ending roughly twenty years of service that he had given to the maritime community.

An official lighthouse was built the following year not far from where Lewis' dwelling had stood. This government-sponsored lighthouse consisted of an octagonal lantern supported by a square tower set atop an oblong wooden keeper's dwelling. The new light was first lit on October 1, 1870. After a few years, the lighthouse had to be moved back from the bank, which was being eroded by the tides and wind.

A whistle house was built on Cape Capstan in 1889, and water was piped to the structure from a cistern in the woods to power the steam engine used for the fog signal.

The present Apple River Lighthouse dates from 1968, when a three-meter-square tower was built at the corner of a one-story fog signal building. Two new keeper's dwellings were also provided for the keepers, and the old lighthouse and a dwelling, which had been brought to the site from St. Martinís, New Brunswick, by scow, were pushed over the bank and burned.

After the fog signal was discontinued, the one-story building was torn down, leaving just the 10.5-meter tower, which has had its lantern room removed. The two keeper's dwellings were removed from the site in 1973.


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Location: Located on the east side of the entrance to Apple River.
Latitude: 45.47374
Longitude: -64.8547

For a larger map of Apple River Lighthouse, click the lighthouse in the above map.

Travel Instructions: From Route 209 (Glooscap Trail) in Apple River, go west on Apple River Road for about 4.8 km (3 miles) and you will see Apple River Lighthouse across the bay. It is possible to take what appears to be a logging road down the peninsula that leads to the lighthouse, but the road ends long before the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is owned by the Coast Guard. Grounds open, tower closed.

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