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This site includes photographs, directions, histories, and GPS coordinates garnered
while personally visiting every lighthouse in the United States and a growing number in Canada.
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Latest U.S. and Canadian Lighthouse News
10/18/14 Perkins Island (ME) lighthouse and dwelling being painted
10/17/14 Boston philanthropist new owner of Minot's Ledge Lighthouse (MA)
10/16/14 Committee has raised $6,000 for Stepping Stones Lighthouse (NY)
10/16/14 Meeting to discuss future of Battery Point Lighthouse (NS)
10/16/14 Webcam on Robbins Reef Lighthouse (NJ) to capture New York Wheel construction
10/14/14 Fresnel lens at St. Augustine (FL) being restored
10/13/14 Minot's Ledge Lighthouse (MA) sold for $222,000
10/09/14 Three charged in Manitowoc Lighthouse (WI) graffiti spree
10/08/14 Mayor addresses Port Clinton Lighthouse (OH) stalemate
10/08/14 DFO awards three lighthouses to Digby Municipality (NS)
10/07/14 Wreckage of Diamond Shoal Lightship (NC) to be preserved
10/06/14 National Lighthouse Museum (NY) gets $300,000 grant
10/05/14 Councillors to examine ways to preserve Halifax-area lighthouses (NS)
10/03/14 Winner of Sturgeon Bay Ship Canal Lighthouse (WI) auction revealed
10/03/14 Failure to replenish dunes may endanger Fire Island Lighthouse (NY)
10/03/14 Three entities interested in Algoma Lighthouse (WI)
10/02/14 Port Washington (WI) to consider acquiring lighthouse
10/01/14 Buffalo Lighthouse (NY) to rebrand, focus on history
10/01/14 Lantern room from Cedar Island Lighthouse (NY) moved to museum
09/30/14 State to run Admiralty Head Lighthouse (WA) starting in 2015
09/30/14 New lantern room placed atop Michigan City Lighthouse (IN)
09/30/14 Round Island Passage Lighthouse (MI) sold for $65,500
09/26/14 Three-month makeover of Yaquina Head Lighthouse (OR) set to begin
09/25/14 Drawing shows new location for Gay Head Lighthouse (MA)
09/25/14 Lantern room returned to Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse (NY)
09/24/14 Event to fund continued restoration of Fox Island Lighthouse (MI)
09/24/14 Six bidders tour Minot's Ledge Lighthouse (MA)
09/24/14 Public spaces planned for Cuckolds Lighthouse (ME)
09/21/14 Erosion could threaten Hunting Island Lighthouse (SC) in 5-10 years
09/21/14 Au Sable Lighthouse (MI) celebrates 140 years
09/20/14 Halfway Rock Lighthouse (ME) sells for $283,000
09/19/14 Sales of 'Bug Light' support Long Beach Bar Lighthouse (NY)
09/19/14 Return of lantern room to Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse (NY) postponed
09/19/14 Group has $175,000 for restoration of Presque Isle Lighthouse (PA)
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